Guest blog: Yoga after a serious accident

My story starts with ‘ugg yoga’, and ‘no, not doing that, too hippy for me’.

Yeah............... kind of got that wrong.......... 

Back in ’88 I had a truly horrible road traffic accident and completely buggered my body. I have kept it supple up until now with one legged wiggly bottom dancing,[lesbian clubs are awesome], but, hmmmm,  kind of don’t get the opportunity to do that much these days [clubbing?... getting old, Southern Trains, too tired, got a meeting in the morning, I blame it on the cats etc!]. 

So.  Physical exercise is not really something I can do [..... still want to play football for England however] and I could feel that my core muscles were getting weaker, something I really need to take care of having been physically restructured.  CAN offered a solution with their regular yoga nights on a Wednesday.  Easy to get to, only upstairs, after work, I had no excuse.  Total newbe, didn’t even know if I could do it [thought body would fall over].

Walked in, bit nervous...... Lauren is lovely – she is a great teacher, helps me out when she can see I’m struggling with a position that is ‘tricky’ [read: pelvis and leg just won’t do that]. She is very calming but challenging without being intense, respects us, and best of all, she reads the room really well and leaves you feeling lovely at the end.  Bonus point: I get to meet other people from some of the other CAN buildings too.

I’ve been going for about 9+ months now and I have to say, it’s made a huge difference to my body.  About 7 months in, it was the end of class and we were doing our final stretches - something popped in my back.  It felt sooo good, I really don’t know how to describe it. The relief was palpable. Something just freed up in my back, not even an osteo has managed that!  I went home that night and could actually reach the loo roll from the back of the toilet.  I haven’t been able to do that for 28 years.   

If other exercise isn’t working for you, or you just feel like you need a good stretch, come!  The class has made a huge difference to my body strength, and let’s face it, we all need to look after ourselves. Me time, Me time!  PS: value for money..................... oh yeah!