Lauren’s class is the perfect combination of physical exercise and mental relaxation. Her teaching manner is kind and patient but she’s not afraid to push her class to find and challenge their limits. After a Lauren class, my mind is always quiet, but my body knows it’s had a proper workout.
— Jimi

Lauren’s class is by far the best I have attended. She allows us to build up our strength and confidence gradually, while stressing the need to listen to your own body and go at your own pace. I have felt safe to both push myself to attempt new poses (with varying levels of success!) and know when it is best to listen to my body and focus on whatever it is I can achieve. Lauren’s class also has a fantastic meditative element which always leaves me feeling relaxed and mindful at the end of practice.
— Meg

Lauren is an encouraging teacher. She makes me feel completely at ease in the classes, and gives different options for people who are new to practising yoga and people who have been doing it for longer. This means I can just relax and enjoy it, and the real testament is how great I feel afterwards - both peaceful and energised at once!
— Jess

Lauren is an accomplished teacher: She works with the class, plans good classes and no two are ever the same. She plans but is happy to play by ear - has deep knowledge and spiritual side but doesn’t take herself too seriously. There’s an excellent flow/rhythm to her classes.
I leave my worries by the door with my shoes.
— Janaka

Lauren teaches vinyasa yoga once a week where I work in the City of London. I’d never considered yoga before and didn’t think I’d be flexible enough for it….little did I know that it doesn’t matter how flexible you are! As a complete yoga beginner, Lauren has a very sympathetic way of teaching and really takes her time to show the different positions correctly. She made me feel comfortable with the different positions very quickly, adjusting me where needed, but also putting pressure on to try more advanced moves every week. I’m now 5 months into my ‘yoga journey’ with Lauren and literally can’t imagine not having my Tuesday evening fix – My body has definitely toned up, especially my core and arms. Lauren’s classes are different every week, she does push us and works us hard, but it’s good fun, with a good group of people and something I’ll definitely continue with.
— Ali

I really look forward to Laurens yoga classes, it’s the perfect way to wind down after a tough day in an office, Lauren makes the class very accessible and relaxing, even if you’re a complete beginner you can join in and Lauren makes sure that everyone can push themselves as much or as little as they want, I was really surprised at what a different to my flexibility and mood the session made after only a couple of weeks
— Morna

I’m ashamed to say I thought this yoga thing was going to be totally easy - Lauren’s class has me sweating more than my weight training some evenings! I always feel like I’ve had a great work out, but rather than walking away feeling stiff and sore I feel relaxed. Highly recommended.
— Martyn